Friday, April 1, 2016

Where I work...

Well here it is.  This is where the magic happens.  On the right I have my trusty computer.  Dual screens so I can watch a movie and still see what I'm painting on the other screen.  Yes those are Battle Beasts at the bottom of my monitor.  Some of my most prized positions.  The coffee cup fits perfectly under my Nespresso machine.  Custom made by a buddy at work.  Skratch cookie mix for those midnight cravings.  The wood box was made by my son and on loan to me.  Legos were what was left over from some totes I'd brought home one day.  Super glue cause it fixes everything.  Canon printer get's used every once and awhile.   And last but not least my 2012 Oktoberfest mug for all my pens and brushes.

Where the magic happens.  Yes those are Battle Beasts.

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