Wednesday, June 13, 2012

April 15th - 21st : Wheel Sunset

Pulling one out of the archives here.  Nothing better then a Nebraska sunset and a bike.

April 1st - 7th : Monocog

Once again, maybe it's not art but I like it.  I'd put it on my wall. 

I was out riding last night and saw the yeild to ped's sign.  Thought it was a fitting place for a picture.  It was taken with my little Canon powershot.  The original shot wasn't that exciting so I worked it over a bit.  There's a lot of noise in the lower grass(which I love) and countered with the blur at the top giving it depth and balance.  Enjoy.

Original - 

Edited - 

April 8th - 14th : Big wheels

Nothing like a Nebraskan sunset to help make a great picture.