Monday, February 12, 2018

Goodship lollypop

Ok Ok it's not a lollypop.  It was a fun one to do however.  A return customer asked me to do his Fairdale Goodship. Did this one on some smooth paper.  Really like the way the water moves on this stuff.  Did this one a little larger then most of my other caricatures. 

Kate's Commission

I got a PM from a nice lady on Reddit.  Wondering if I'd do a drawing for her boyfriend.  I'd have to piece to gather the bike however.  She had stock pic's of the bags and bike and a few pics of the bike in action.  Some of the action pics she sent really captured the adventure spirit I think.  The use of what you have.  Any how here's how it turned out.  I was only suppose to do one.  I had to do two.  HAD TOO.