Friday, March 23, 2012

Jan 29th - Feb 4th. Unknown

Unknown bike that turned out great.  Love the colors on this one.

March 18th - 24th. Klein Attitude

Always loved the paint job on this big tubed monster.  I used my tubed watercolors for this one.  I like the way they flow but there really heavy.  Had to re-ink some lines here and there.  I forced my self to use the 08 marker for all the lines.  I don't particularly like it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 11th - 17th. Yeti Ultimate

I have a special place in my heart for elevated chainstays.

Jan 22nd - 28th. Vueco TT

I did this one cause Jake wanted a large copy of it for his bedroom.

Feb 5th - 11th. 550cord and chain necklace.

I made this last year.  Once again, it may not be art, but I like it.

Jan 15th - 21st. 550 cord and Chain

Is it art? Maybe not, but I think it's cool and I'm going to put it here. 

Jan 8th - 14th. Prototype

I've forgotten where I got the inspiration for this one.  I think it was a Ibis prototype.  It was all black carbon and grey aluminum so I did the entire bike in coffee.

Jan 1st - 7th. Canfield Jedi

As much as I don't need a downhill bike, I really really love this one.

Feb 26th - March 3rd. Yeti 575

I have a fondness for Yeti's colors and there bikes in general.