Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dead Rider coming!

 So the art guild I belong to is doing a Day of the Dead exibit.  I like that holiday so I decided to do something up for it.  It's me so it's gotta involve a bike.  Day of the it's got to involve a skeleton.  Easy....

Final sketch at work

Sketched on watercolor paper

Yeti for

Well this one was a bit of work.  I worked up a bunch of sketches for Gomez to see what he'd like.  I worked on that for a couple weeks.  Finally came up with a decent one.  Worked that one up.  Here's the result.

Timberleaf Commission

After seeing a few of my other trailers Timberleaf trailers asked me to do one of there's.  Here's the result.  It was a fun project.  I added some details of my own.  Like the kettle and pour over coffee filter.  The owner sent me some personal photo's and in one they had some hand crocheted flags, so I added those also.

Hot Rod Vespa

I've been trying to get better sketching with my wacom tablet on my computer.  Here's a hot rod Vespa I did.

RV going anywhere?

 I had a thing for making some funny RV and camper's for a bit.  Here's the result.

Puch to the gut.

Commission for a good friend.  A Puch scooter.  I also did a "fun" painting of this same bike.  I actually did that one first.  It was a fun bike to paint.